unique facts for the health benefits of chili

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Chili is one of the basic seasoning for flavoring dishes, generally bright red or dark green. If chili cleaved, then we will find in it the white stalks that contain oil and capsaicin-like stinging cells of the tongue taste buds. Zai has resulted in a spicy chili and hot on the tongue when we consume them. But these substances are also likely to get people hooked and addicted when eating food.
However, behind the sensation of spiciness are myriads of benefits and nutritional content of who we have not known before.In addition to increased appetite efficacious also has other benefits for the body.
For example, the spicy chili to taste amazing, it contains vitamin C and beta-carotene (provitamin A) which is said to be beat content in fruits such as mango, pineapple, papaya or watermelon. Even according to the study, levels of minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus outperformed fresh fish.Actually, among other types of chili peppers, red peppers contain vitamin C which is the highest, until doubled.
While betakaroten levels were superior compared with green peppers, nine times greater. Most of the content of beta-carotene is concentrated at the peppers near the skin.
As for the other benefits of chillies are:
1. Wound HealerIf your finger accidentally cut during cooking, in general you will find a red medicine to cure it. But even if you are already a member of iodine on the wound, pain / pain is still strong taste.
Alternative medicine is not only red but also prevent infection immediately relieve pain and bleeding so as to accelerate the healing process is chili red. The trick, is dried and then crushed red pepper until smooth.
After that is sprinkled on wounds. Chili powder will not make you sore wounds. On the contrary, chili will stop quickly that there is pain and bleeding. This is due to capsaicin in red chili that relieve pain.
2. High fever relieverCompared with conventional treatment, overcoming a high fever with chili is an alternative solution that is easy, cheap and fast.But that are used instead of fruit cabenya but leaves.
The trick, first grab a handful of leaves cayenne pepper, then mash until smooth. Add 1 tablespoon salad oil and mix both these ingredients until blended. After the paste ingredients in the crown or massaged on the entire body.
The patient's blanket with a thick blanket. Before long, the body will sweat, so body heat will deteriorate rapidly.
3. Relieves colds and nasal congestionBecause chili contains capsaicin which can dilute the lenders, so that the clogged mucus in the nasal cavity will become watery and out. As a result, the nose becomes blocked again. This applies to the sinusitis and cough with phlegm.
4. Preventing StrokeChillies can minimize the risk of stroke, blood clots, impotence, and coronary heart disease. Because, by consuming capsaicin blood regularly will keep the crust thin and fat in the blood vessels will not be formed. Thus, blood will flow smoothly. Thus, the chili is also efficacious to reduce blood clotting (thrombosis).
5. Relieve headaches and joint painEver hear her advice if dizziness, eating spicy? That advice is true because the spicy flavor caused capsaicin can inhibit the activity of the brain when it receives sinyak pain from central nervous system. Inhibition of these signals travel will reduce the pain that we suffer.
Besides chili is also efficacious for relieving migraine
6. Increase appetiteBecause capsaicin can stimulate the production of endorphin hormones, hormones that can evoke feelings of pleasure and happiness. Thus, appetite increased.
7. Lowers cholesterol levels and as a natural antibiotic
8. Contain antioxidantsWhich can be used to overcome infertility (infertility), an aphrodisiac, and slow the aging process
Of all the properties that we will get, if consumed in a reasonable amount, because otherwise it can lead to stomach pain chili devastating for pengkonsumsinya

meaning of a smile

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1. A smile makes you more attractive. 

People who have an attraction byk smile. 
People who like smiling makes people feel comfortable and happy around him. 
People who are always frowning, cemburut, frowning, grinning and making people uncomfortable around .. 
Certainly people who have a smile byk byk friends. 

2. Smiles change feelings 

If you're sad, try to smile. 
A smile will make feel better. 
According to research, a smile can trick the body so that feelings change .. 

3. Contagious smile 

When a person smiles, he will make the atmosphere more cheerful. 
People around you will surely smile and feel happier 

4. Smiles relieve stress 

Stress can be seen on the face. 
A smile can eliminate expression tired, bored, and sad. 
When you stress, take time to smile. 
A smile will reduce stress and make the mind more clearly. 

5. A smile increases immunity. 

A smile makes the immune system work better. 
The body's immune functions work best when a person feels relaxed. 
According to research, flu and cough can be lost with a smile. 

6. Smiles lowers blood pressure 

Not believe? Try to record the blood pressure when you're not smiling again and record blood pressure while you smile when examined. 
Blood pressure when you smile definitely lower. 

7. Smiles release endorphins, a natural numbing, and serotonin 

A smile is like a natural remedy. 
A smile can produce endorphins, a natural numbing, and serotonin. 
Three are hormone who can control the pain. 

8. A smile makes ageless 

Smiles move many muscles. 
Consequently trained facial muscles so that you do not need to do a face lift. 
Byk secured by your smile will look more youthful. 

9. A smile makes you look successful
People who smile look more confident, well-known, and reliable. 
Attach a smile at meetings or meet with clients. 
Sure your colleagues will see you better. 

10. A smile makes people think positive. 

Try to do this: think of something bad with a smile. It must be hard. 
Cause, when you smile, the body sends a signal "life is good". 
So when he smiled, the body accept it as a gift.

7 Habits Make Quick senile

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Often forget to put the keys or wallet? Or, do you often miss to bring the goods? It could be that you are classified as forgetful.

If at a young age you have often forgotten, according to Dr. PeterRendell of the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia,most likely you will be faster natural senility.

All you need to know, apparently there are some habits that can make brain power decreases. As a result, memory is gettingworse and the grasp was weak. So, avoid the 7 habits that can make a go senile following:

1. Overeat
Too much to eat, let alone a high fat content, can result in hardening of the brain blood vessels due to accumulation of fat inthe blood vessel wall. Consequently the ability of the braindecreases.

2. smoke
Substance in tobacco that is inhaled will quickly lead to brain shrinkage and may lead to Alzheimer's disease.

3. Consuming too much sugar
Consumption of sugar is too much will cause disruption of the absorption of protein and nutrients, causing nutritional imbalances that would interfere with brain development.

4. Sleep Deprivation
The brain needs sleep as a time to rest and restore capabilities.Sleep deprivation in the long term will accelerate the damage tobrain cells.

5. Less stimulating thoughts
Thinking is the best way to train our brain. Lack of stimulation of the brain can lead to wrinkle our brains.

6. rarely communicates
Communication is needed as one means of spurring ability of the brain. Communicate intellectually can trigger brain efficiency.Rare intellectual ability to communicate will cause the brain to bepoorly trained.

7. Think of many things when sick
Working too hard or forced to use the mind while studying with sickness may lead to reduced effectiveness of the brain and can damage the brain.


The Mammoth, Longest and Biggest Water Coaster

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For those of you who like a challenge, be prepared to welcome the water rides that will accelerate your adrenaline racing.
Arena tourist park "Holiday World & Splashin 'Safari" in Santa Claus, Indiana, United States, will present a water-coaster ride the longest in the world, called "The Mammoth".
With production costs swallow up to USD9 million or Rp77 billion, a water-coaster of The Mammoth which has a length of 1763 feet (537.36 meters) will be opened in May 2012.
Using technology and harness HydroMagnetic Linear Induction Motors (LIMS), enjoy the thrill rides in The Mammoth is the tourists will use inflatable boats with a capacity of six people round and ready to glide from ketinggi 69 feet (21.03 meters) with a steepness of up to 45 degrees and traced five circles with a giant water-ciparatan splashes of water ready to wet the entire body.
Overall, water rides The Mammoth spent three hectares of land.
The Mammoth, will replace the predicate of a water-coaster ride The wildebeest's Holiday World & Splashin 'Safari is currently the longest water coaster in the world that has just opened three years ago.
The wildebeest an altitude 64 feet (19.5 meters) has a length of 1710 feet (521, 2 meters), with a total time of sliding of two minutes 30 seconds. Thus, the mammoths will be 5 feet (1.5 meters) higher than that of the wildebeest and 53 feet (16.1 meters) longer.
The Mammoth is also believed by the President Director of the park Holiday World & Splashin 'Safari, and Koch, will further attract more visitors from a record that has been recorded previously in 2010, namely 1.18 million visitors.

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Signs of death

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100 days: The entire body feeling bergegar.
60 days: a sense of moving center.
40 days: Leaves with names of people who will die in arash will fall and the angel of death came to the person with that name and then accompanied him to his death. Sometimes the dying person will feel or visible presence of the angel of death and will often look like he was rungsing.
7 days: food cravings.
5 days: Children of the tongue moving.
3 days: the middle portion in the forehead twitching.
2nd day: The whole sense of twitching forehead.
1 day: Feels crown portion moving between dawn and Asar.
At the end: It feels cooler than the central portion to the bone solbi (the portion behind the body). Seelok-eloknya when it was a sign that the end all, say in a state qiam and no longer converse.
When the Angel of Life ****** ****** Repeal
Rasullullah S.A.W Majesty said: "If someone had to die that it will come in a set of angels into little holes in their bodies and then pulled his soul through the soles of both feet so to kelutut. Afterward came also another set of angels who go up to attract the spirit of the knee to the abdomen and later they came out. Come back a collection of other angels who enter and draw up his spirit from the stomach to the chest and later they came out. And the final once again a collection of angels came in and pulled the spirit of his chest until he came to the throat and that is who said when nazak that person. "
Connect Rasullullah S.A.W. again: "If people nazak were believers, then the angel Gabriel that the U.S. will spread his wings on the right so that people who nazak could see his position in syurga. When the believers saw syurga, then he will not forget the people who are disekelilinginya. This is greatly missed on syurga kerana, and keep his views to the U.S. wing of Gabriel "
If the person is a hypocrite nazak, then the U.S. Gabriel will let down the left wing. So people who nazak tu can see his position in hell and in those days people were no longer seeing people disekelilinginya. This is kerana too scared when see that hell will be his residence.
From a hadith where Allah bahawa S.W.T. desire of a believer's life will be revoked maut.Apabila angels angel of death came about to pull out the spirit of the believers from the mouth came forth from the mouth of a believer remembrance by saying:
"There is no way you lift the spirit of these people through this path sentiasa kerana this guy makes his tongue to the remembrance of Allah" After hearing this explanation the angel of death, so he will return to Allah SWT and explained what was spoken by the tongue of the believer is. Then God S.W.T. said that meant:
"O angel of death, you unplug the soul from the other direction."Just as good as the grim reaper gets the commands of AllahCuba was the angel of death revoke the spirit of the hands of the believers. But alms out of the hands of the believers, the heads sweep out orphans and out of writing science. So says the hand: There is no way for you to lift the spirit of the believers from this direction, this hand has issued alms, the hands are rubbed the head of the orphans and the hand is writing science. "
By kerana angel of death failed to lift the spirits of believers from the hands of the angel of death anyway, from the foot of Cuba.Unfortunately angel of death also failed to cause the foot to say:
"There is no way for you from this direction is sentiasa kerana foot shuttle run repetitive work with the congregation in prayer and also walking distance to attend majlis-majlis science."
If that fails angel of death, unplug the spirits of believers from the direction of the foot, the angel of death Cuba also from the direction of the ear. Angel of death came just as good as the ear so the ear said:
"There is no way for you from this direction sentiasa kerana this ear to hear the reading of the Qur'an and dhikr." End of Cuba once the angel of death revoke the believers from the direction of the eyes but was just about to the eye then the eye said:
"There is no way for you from this direction for this eye sentiasa see some of the Manuscripts and books and these eyes cry kerana sentiasa fear of God." After failing the angel of death returned to Allah SWT Then God S.W.T. said that meant: "O my angel, my asthma stationery zip hand and show the spirits of people who believe it." As good as it gets God's command S.W.T. then the angel of death to the spirit of the man and showed Asma Allah
Just as good as seeing Asma Allah and the love of Allah SWT spirit came forth from the mouth with ease.
Abu Bakr R.A. have been asked about where the spirit goes after it leaves the body. So Abu Bakr RA said: "The Spirit itself into seventh place: -
1. Spirit of the prophets and messengers to the Syurga Adnin. 2. Spirit of the scholars to the Syurga Paradise. 3. Spirit toward those who are happy Syurga Illiyyina. 4. Spirit of the Shuhada fly like a bird in syurga follow their will. 5. The spirits of the believers who sinned in the air will depend not on the earth and not in the sky until doomsday. 6. Spirits of children who believe will be in the mountains of musk oil. 7. Spirit of the unbelievers will be in hell Sijjin, they diseksa along his body until the Day of Resurrection. "
It has been said Rasullullah SAW: Three groups of people that will be held his hand by the angels on the day they come out of his grave: -
1. People who die a martyr. 2. People who work the night prayer in Ramadan month. 3. People fasted on the day of Arafah.

History Origins BRA

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Forerunner of the bra as we know it today was launched first in Paris, France, in 1889. design of the modern bra was created by an entrepreneur named Herminie Cardolle clothing. The shape still resembles a corset, bra predecessors. The difference, women's underwear Cardolle divide it into two parts, stomach and chest. Brassiere which is the root of the bra first used by Vogue magazine in 1907. Although the origin-bakalnya already exists, in those days women prefer to wear a corset. This custom was lost when the World War I.
Because the military industrial countries engaged in war, require a lot of metal to produce armaments. Metal-on corset must be converted to enable the needs that are considered far more urgent. In 1917, Bernard Baruch, chairman of the U.S. War Industries Board specifically asked the women to abandon their habit of wearing a corset.
The use of a corset is basically harmful to health. Although the shape of a woman's body according to the standard of beauty in those days, a corset can make it difficult to breathe, and in some extreme cases lead to dislocation of organs. Not difficult for women to abandon a habit that was tormenting them. The result, as much as 28,000 tons of metal had "converted-enable" for the purposes of the war industry. The amount is enough to make two big warships.
Women must find alternatives to wrap their chests. This is when Mary Phelps Jacob, an American socialite, began introducing the first modern bra in 1910. Jacob intends to attend a big party wearing an evening gown with a thin low-cut chest. Order of shark bone corsets that would interfere with the beauty of wearing a dress that is prepared from the distant days. Together with one of his servants, he made underwear from two silk handkerchiefs held together with pink ribbon. This design became popular in social circles Jacobs and then patented in 1914.
Fashion trend then shifted from the curvaceous body shape (which is modified by using a corset) to form a thin body with a flat chest. Styles that are considered modern when it was created fashions women practically without using a lot of material and make women more easily moved. The shift followed this trend of women becoming active in a variety of jobs. Women who follow fashion, which is thought to reflect the rebellion, then commonly called a flapper. Bra with a modern shape is then began to be mass produced in 1920-аn. But mass production had not noticed the size of each individual woman. It was only in 1922 women could wear a bra with more conveniently when Ida and William Rosenthal revolutionized the form of a bra.
They created a standard size bra comprising linear ribs circumference and size of the volume of the chest (cup size) using the alphabet (A, B, C, D, and so on). The size of A is equal to eight ounces of fluid, while B is equivalent to 13 ounces, and C equals 21, and so on. Ida and William then founded the Maidenform bra company that hath a tremendous success and makes millionaires Rosenthal partner. Maidenform still stands today.
Bra became part of everyday women's clothing until the revolution of thinking about the role of women. in America, this revolution began when the book Betty Friedan's Feminine Mystique was published in 1963. Books that questioned the role of women, who seemed to be returned to the domestic realm by the public system at the time.
This continued until 1970-аn where protests over the icons are considered to curb the women questioned by feminists. Germaine Greer, one of the feminist intellectual, states that, "Bra is a ridiculous creature."
In support of that thought, many women decide to no longer wear a bra. To some extent this is simply hitting the bra industry. Ida Rosenthal, the industrialist underwear, only replied casually, "We are a democracy. It is legitimate if people dressed or naked. But after the age of 35, the shape of women's bodies do not support him for not wearing a bra. Time on my side. "Later on Ida's words proved true.
Although time is congested, the bra industry continues to grow. Especially when Madonna wore a costume bra is tapered in the chest. Costumes were made especially by French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier for Blonde Ambition tour in 1990.
At the beginning of the 19th century, closed the chest has not been so customary in Indonesia. The habit of wearing a bra was introduced Dutch. in his novel, Prince Diponegoro, Remy Sylado explain the origin of the term brassiere.
3ff08 girl +1890 + Priangan History Origins of the BRA or the bra!
At that time, the postal highway construction projects Anyer-Panarukan, Netherlands hired slave women and men. Don Lopez, a Dutch official, see the slave woman topless. He then cut a piece of white cloth and gave it to one of them while saying in French: "close the valuable part (coutant) it." Many times he said "coutant .. coutant "which later came as a halter by the workers.In many countries bra / bra called in different ways. in France it's called anchoring chest soutien-gorge (throat cantilever), in Spain sujetar (prop). bustenhalter in Germany, in Sweden bysthallare, and in the Netherlands bustehouder-all means support the chest. While in Esperanto (Russian) which means the bra is called mamzono chest belt.