10 Circuit Racing grandest in the World

You belong to a biker heavyweight? Are you also handyman streets aka backpacker? Well, if so, of course, should have the guts and a thick wallet certainly visited or pilgrimage to the ten best motor racing circuits in the world. Full of stories, stories, and history, ten racing circuit are spread across the continent of Europe, Asia, until at the southern tip of Africa. So, grab your traveling bag, backpack, plane ticket and passport to explore places "sacred" for the lovers of motor racing world.
1. Laguna Seca
Being outside the U.S. mainland, this circuit can be referred to as the famous circuit in North America. Played host to contest races such as MotoGP, WSB and AMA racing. Laguna Seca is dominated by legendary canting, Corkscrew corner, a derivative of a downward spiral that makes it difficult every TV camera.Andretti hairpin segment lap at Laguna Seca a unique obstacle for the racers. Circuit along the 2238 mile, 11 turns itself berlatarkan lush green forest park, near, California.
2. Brands Hatch
Brands Hatch
Located 20 miles from London, became one of the Brands Hatch circuit in England favorite. Circuit along the 2.3, 9 bend it when it hosted the legendary WSB race in the 1990s, where 100,000 people cornucopia watch the race at this circuit.
3. TT Course
The Isle of Man is a unique island located between Britain and Ireland, has its own parliament, legal and tax systems. After the financial crisis the world, the island is mostly inhabited by bankers and motorcycle racer - well, now only the drivers who are still living. TT racing circuit Course first opened in 1907, and the race is still done today but with the routes of roads closed. It's not all segments of rural valley streets, roads are bumpy and beautiful textures, make this island a paradise for bikers who want to be free even madly speeding police free. Modern circuits along the 37.5-mile TT Course, plus 200 corner ready to devoured by anyone.
4. Phillip Island
Phillip Island
The island with the racing circuit is located in the coastal hills on the island of Philip, giving an aura of its own for the drivers of the world. Along the 2.7 miles with 12 corners, including the legendary suspenseful twists down, Lukey Heights. Watching the knights fighting each other Motorcycle Grand Prix is ​​the position of the best moments and unforgettable race.
5. Donington
Donington Park one of the most popular circuits in the UK. Being in the middle of England, near Leicester, the circuit along the 2.5-mile, 12 corner has two sharp bend of the famous, Redgate and Craner Curves. Contour circuit races are a little steep, making every MotoGP race to be so he cried. And for the diehards motor racing in Britain, Donington British sports his heart sink.
6. Mugello
This circuit is located on the corner of the realm is so beautiful, La Dolce Vita, Florence. Mugello has 15 turns with a length of 3:26. settled in the hills, with the contours of the land up and down, and has the longest straight track. Imagine the biker motorcycle MotoGP ramped up to 200 mph-plus before finally brake suddenly when they met uphill first corner.
7. Sepang
Sepang Circuit Malaysia government's lighthouse project. This circuit became one of the luxurious world-class circuit. 3:44-mile away, this circuit is very artistic with the stadium roof like a palm tree, the representation of the country's economic triumph.
8. Suzuka
Circuit one is often regarded as one of the toughest in the world sirkut. Founded in 1962 for the motor manufacturer Honda. So unique with eight layout, along the 3.6-mile tracks intersecting, plus 17 twists vary. So difficult and hard, a tragic event claimed the motorcycle rider Daijiro Kato in 2003. It was decided not to return to the MotoGP circuit this vicious, even though racing series, the Suzuka Eight-Hour endurance kept alive the name of Suzuka.
9. Catalunya
Circuit de Calunya
Catalunya Circuit, near Barcelona, ​​is really a complete circuit.The entire infrastructure and facilities to host the race menadi ranging from F1 to MotoGP, super complete. Along the 2.87 mile track, width, and full of curves. 16 corners, including the famous horseshoe bend. Straight tracks are so long and become a place of fun to hear the roar of engines up to 200 mph MotoGP lauched.
10. Kyalami
Kyalami Circuit, located in South Africa, I used to host MotoGP and F1 racing. Built in 1961, this circuit becomes permanent host for WSB racing series. Kyalami circuit really extreme!Imagine a circuit at an altitude of 5000 feet above sea level. I was so extreme, ten percent of motorcycle racing engine power would erode slowly.
Track circuit with a length of 2.6-mile undulating, with 13 bends may not include a safe circuits: Regis Laconi have broken his back after falling while devouring the corner. But look artistic as the Kyalami circuit in which the African nation on the path decorated with local traditional building named "bromas". Peter Marr.
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