Signs of death

100 days: The entire body feeling bergegar.
60 days: a sense of moving center.
40 days: Leaves with names of people who will die in arash will fall and the angel of death came to the person with that name and then accompanied him to his death. Sometimes the dying person will feel or visible presence of the angel of death and will often look like he was rungsing.
7 days: food cravings.
5 days: Children of the tongue moving.
3 days: the middle portion in the forehead twitching.
2nd day: The whole sense of twitching forehead.
1 day: Feels crown portion moving between dawn and Asar.
At the end: It feels cooler than the central portion to the bone solbi (the portion behind the body). Seelok-eloknya when it was a sign that the end all, say in a state qiam and no longer converse.
When the Angel of Life ****** ****** Repeal
Rasullullah S.A.W Majesty said: "If someone had to die that it will come in a set of angels into little holes in their bodies and then pulled his soul through the soles of both feet so to kelutut. Afterward came also another set of angels who go up to attract the spirit of the knee to the abdomen and later they came out. Come back a collection of other angels who enter and draw up his spirit from the stomach to the chest and later they came out. And the final once again a collection of angels came in and pulled the spirit of his chest until he came to the throat and that is who said when nazak that person. "
Connect Rasullullah S.A.W. again: "If people nazak were believers, then the angel Gabriel that the U.S. will spread his wings on the right so that people who nazak could see his position in syurga. When the believers saw syurga, then he will not forget the people who are disekelilinginya. This is greatly missed on syurga kerana, and keep his views to the U.S. wing of Gabriel "
If the person is a hypocrite nazak, then the U.S. Gabriel will let down the left wing. So people who nazak tu can see his position in hell and in those days people were no longer seeing people disekelilinginya. This is kerana too scared when see that hell will be his residence.
From a hadith where Allah bahawa S.W.T. desire of a believer's life will be revoked maut.Apabila angels angel of death came about to pull out the spirit of the believers from the mouth came forth from the mouth of a believer remembrance by saying:
"There is no way you lift the spirit of these people through this path sentiasa kerana this guy makes his tongue to the remembrance of Allah" After hearing this explanation the angel of death, so he will return to Allah SWT and explained what was spoken by the tongue of the believer is. Then God S.W.T. said that meant:
"O angel of death, you unplug the soul from the other direction."Just as good as the grim reaper gets the commands of AllahCuba was the angel of death revoke the spirit of the hands of the believers. But alms out of the hands of the believers, the heads sweep out orphans and out of writing science. So says the hand: There is no way for you to lift the spirit of the believers from this direction, this hand has issued alms, the hands are rubbed the head of the orphans and the hand is writing science. "
By kerana angel of death failed to lift the spirits of believers from the hands of the angel of death anyway, from the foot of Cuba.Unfortunately angel of death also failed to cause the foot to say:
"There is no way for you from this direction is sentiasa kerana foot shuttle run repetitive work with the congregation in prayer and also walking distance to attend majlis-majlis science."
If that fails angel of death, unplug the spirits of believers from the direction of the foot, the angel of death Cuba also from the direction of the ear. Angel of death came just as good as the ear so the ear said:
"There is no way for you from this direction sentiasa kerana this ear to hear the reading of the Qur'an and dhikr." End of Cuba once the angel of death revoke the believers from the direction of the eyes but was just about to the eye then the eye said:
"There is no way for you from this direction for this eye sentiasa see some of the Manuscripts and books and these eyes cry kerana sentiasa fear of God." After failing the angel of death returned to Allah SWT Then God S.W.T. said that meant: "O my angel, my asthma stationery zip hand and show the spirits of people who believe it." As good as it gets God's command S.W.T. then the angel of death to the spirit of the man and showed Asma Allah
Just as good as seeing Asma Allah and the love of Allah SWT spirit came forth from the mouth with ease.
Abu Bakr R.A. have been asked about where the spirit goes after it leaves the body. So Abu Bakr RA said: "The Spirit itself into seventh place: -
1. Spirit of the prophets and messengers to the Syurga Adnin. 2. Spirit of the scholars to the Syurga Paradise. 3. Spirit toward those who are happy Syurga Illiyyina. 4. Spirit of the Shuhada fly like a bird in syurga follow their will. 5. The spirits of the believers who sinned in the air will depend not on the earth and not in the sky until doomsday. 6. Spirits of children who believe will be in the mountains of musk oil. 7. Spirit of the unbelievers will be in hell Sijjin, they diseksa along his body until the Day of Resurrection. "
It has been said Rasullullah SAW: Three groups of people that will be held his hand by the angels on the day they come out of his grave: -
1. People who die a martyr. 2. People who work the night prayer in Ramadan month. 3. People fasted on the day of Arafah.
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